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This exhibit is a celebration of the creative forces behind the public face of the festival. The visual culture of a film festival can be traced in its artwork, and posters in particular play an important part in how a festival presents itself to the world.

The printed poster as a form is threatened from the very day of its inception and retaining a poster-sized artefact is often an afterthought, which might explain why we possess a relatively small collection. We regret those missing posters because they are an essential part of a festival's history; not only do they provide us with a rich visual landscape, their artistic value is also immense. For example, we might consider the changing face of typography and the various artistic interpretations of the same place-based annual event. In the event of a missing poster we offer you the programme covers, as these often replicate the artwork of the poster in their effort to attract the public eye.

With this collection of festival posters and programme covers, we see how the artist has become an author and tells us a story of the festival over time – be it tamed by circumstance or emboldened by creativity. In these exhibits, we recognise, amongst others, the work of graphic artist Kieran O’Connor, the architect and artist Harry Wallace, the Cork-born LA-based artist Patrick Morrison, the experimental British artist Malcom Le Grice, and the Swiss director and artist Georges Schwizgebel. 

And the Winner Is ...


There is a small collection of awards in the archive some of which were designed by the renowned Cork-based sculptor and stone carver, Seamus Murphy RHA (1907-1975). A short film about Murphy, The Silent Art, was shown at the 1959 festival; it was made in Cork by Louis Marcus, who went on to become an Academy Award nominee in 1974 and 1976. The Cork Film Festival is credited by both the Academy Awards and BAFTA (British Academy of Film & Television) for its short films, further enhancing its prestige on the international circuit.

We recognise the value of festival awards in these two exhibits based on our archive materials – an exhibit of the awards themselves and one of award presentations. The culmination of any film festival is its award presentation; we might not recognise all the faces but the universal pleasure at giving and receiving an award is here …