Carroll Baker with Dermot Breen


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Carroll Baker with Dermot Breen


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This is a black and white photo of the American actor Carroll Baker with the festival director Dermot Breen. They are shown facing each other whilst shaking hands. Breen is wearing a dinner jacket while Baker is dressed in a light-coloured organza gown decorated with a flower motif.

Born in 1931, Carroll Baker is an Academy Award and BAFTA nominee for her career-defining role as ‘Baby Doll’ Meehan in the 1956 film Baby Doll directed by Elia Kazan and later Giant (George Stevens, 1956) acting with Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, and James Dean. (The music for Giant was scored by Dimitri Tiomkin whose image is also in this archive.) She studied in the Actors Studio under Lee Strasberg who introduced her to the work of Kazan and the Tennessee Williams script. Yet despite her success in Hollywood, Baker had a difficult relationship with the studios, such as Warner and Paramount, and in particular with the producer Joseph Levine, whose contracts tied her to work for them whatever her wishes. She left Hollywood in the late 1960s and moved to Italy working in Italian thrillers and horror movies which allowed her to work outside the constraints of the Hollywood moral code as well as her probable blacklisting by the studios.

At the time of this photograph, Baker had filmed the leading role in Corrado Farina’s horror film Baba Yaga (1973). The Italian director Farina was also at the festival and they might have been promoting Baba Yaga that year. Baker is the mother of Blanche Baker, with the director Jack Garfein. Born in 1957 Blanche Baker is a well-regarded actor and filmmaker winning an Emmy Award for her work in the television miniseries Holocaust (1978). She also starred in the title role of Edward Albee’s stage adaptation of Lolita on Broadway during 1981-2.


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